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Everything Deliciously Blueberry.

As an Educator for well over 24 years, I’ve had a pretty successful and impactful career. From being named “Teacher of the Year,” on the Elementary level to currently, “Teacher of the Year,” on the Middle School level. Although God has allowed me to become impactful in the field of education, making a difference in the lives of scholars and my colleagues, it doesn’t afford me the ability to pass down my teaching career and leave a legacy or inheritance to the generations to come.

After praying to God and asking him for a God idea, he revealed to me that he wanted me to create products using a healthy fruit and SUPER FOOD, the blueberry, and thus Simply Blueberry LLC was birthed. God showed me how I would create over 100 products from the blueberry, coining me, “The George Washington Carver of the blueberry". God then showed me that the first signature product was already in my home as a 40-year-old recipe that mother used when I was a child. It was a hit at all of our family gatherings. Following in my mother’s footsteps, I too began making the whole no bake Blueberry Yum-Yum Cheesecake and taking them to special events.

When I realized that Simply Blueberry LLC was my official business, I took the Blueberry Yum-Yum Cheesecake, put my own twist on it, placed it in mason jars, and named it after my mother, Deb. The dish moved from being more than just a delicious dessert, to an experience. My colleagues became my first customers and they preferred to take their desserts home after a long day’s work and use it as a wind down treat.

Simply Blueberry LLC has been on the move ever since.

Roy’s Royal Banana Pudding with Fresh Blueberries, (named after my husband), and Cam’s Refreshing
Blueberry Lemonade, (named after my oldest son), have been added to the menu, and they’ve also
become best sellers.

I desire to see Simply Blueberry LLC in restaurants, grocery stores, vending events, Farmer’s Markets, Corporate Events, and at special occasions. I always want to be in a position where my feet are to the ground, I’m meeting new people, and introducing them to my products while building relationships. Simply Blueberry will one day have a food truck, own a blueberry farm to host festivals, and eventually make its way into local and international airports.

Simply Blueberry LLC will be a household name.

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