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Seed Sowers Hall of Fame

Many Hands Make Light Work

Nehemiah chapter 3 tells the story of a people facing a huge task, they needed to quickly rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem. There were those who were assigned to the task; and surprisingly, there were unexpected allies who came alongside to get the job done. God recognized these people because just as he cares for us, he cares as much about how we care for each other. 

Your willingness to lend a hand, has made this task lighter for us here at Simply Blueberry LLC. So we take this special page to say

"Thank You".

Your contribution means so much to us.

  • Mr. Roy Dallas Jr.

  • Dr. Loretta Sanders

  • Mrs. Sheila Ashley

  • Mrs. Julia Turner

  • Ms. Kena C.

  • Ms. Deborah Bowman Lightfoot

  • Dr. Sharon Hamilton

  • Mrs. Jodi Bryant

  • Mrs. Katonya Jackson

  • Mr. Walker

  • Ms. Alvita Fambro

  • Ms. Shana Marshall

  • Mrs. Julia Dallas Turner

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